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Corporate Gifts Business stationery set

Company News
2018/06/21 11:30
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During the festive seasons, festivals such as Spring Festival, New Year's Day, Christmas, and Mid-Autumn Festival are all hot seasons for gifts. At this time, it is possible to give important gifts to companies and companies that have business contacts. The small gifts thank them for their concern and support for the company's work in the past year or for some time, and they hope to continue to receive their help. At this point, you can choose some festive gift gifts. At this time, you can use the holiday greeting card signed by the chairman or general manager as a gift and prepare a gift for them. The Spring Festival is coming. Has your company chosen the Spring Festival gifts? Here are some popular gifts:
    Pen, choose a well-known manufacturer, printed on the gift company name.
    Desk calendar, workmanship must be exquisite, not too much to the company's promotional text.
    Pocket calculator, engraved with the company's logo.
    Briefcase, the manufacturer of the company's brand and briefcase.
    Timepieces, the name of the company that printed the gifts. Can also be used as advertising promotional gifts.
    Wine, a wine bottle with a collection value, if the company is a producer of wine, such gifts will be more popular.
    Notebook, buy a thick and well-printed book, and then print the company's name.
    Knives are best made using famous brand merchants, such as the Swiss Army Knife.
    Glasses, crystals, or glasses with a delicate pattern are very popular.
    Jackets or suits, the company is the best manufacturer of the costumes, such a gift will make more sense.
    Tickets for sports or art performances are best given to tickets that the other person likes to watch but not easy to get.
    Advanced mooncakes, Christmas trees, etc., festive celebration gifts, suitable for the corresponding festival.
    Cash depends on the timing, occasion and degree of closeness.
    Food gift boxes, to buy beautifully packaged high-end foods.
    Business stationery set: gold pen, pen gift box, to buy a well-known brand of pen.
    Native products, to pick the most unique local products.
    CDs and DVDs are subject to each other's preferences.
    Gift vouchers for supermarkets or bookstores must not be given coupons that are too small.
    Gift books, to send valuable, beautifully packaged boutique books.
    Brand clothing, shirts, complete sets of brand-name suits, etc.
    Celebrity calligraphy and painting should be sent according to each other's interests and preferences.
    Bonsai, root carvings and famous flowers must first confirm whether the other party likes these precious plants.
    Traditional arts and crafts, to choose such as Tang Sancai, cloisonne, embroideries and other high-end gifts.